Monday, August 20, 2012

a new beginning

I'm going to start posting all of my knit and crochet adventures here on this blog from my other one. I think keeping the blog separate would be best.

More recently I've been working on a project and I, for one, absolutely love it!! It's inspired by one of my favorite movies. Alice in Wonderland. I loved the cartoon version as a child but the newer one (from 2009, i believe) is definitely one of my favorites.

Anyway I just putting the finishing touches on the clutch to go along with the set. This is a picture I have when I just started it. Once I decide when to put up the pattern (which will be free) I'll pictures as I progressed through the clutch.

That is the beginning of the clutch. I'm so very excited to show you all how it turned out and get that pattern up for you all. :)

Have a wonderful day,

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