Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time slipped away

It's crazy how quickly time can pass without us even knowing. Anyway I had been SUPER busy with all my custom orders; but now that I am working SOLELY on my shop and an inventory, I will not be as busy but busy enough to keep the roof over my head. :)

Well let me catch you all up on what I'm currently working on. Right now I am working on a beautiful knit sweater that I just started.

That's just the beginning. I'm doing a k1p1 ribbing in Red Heart Super Saver Burgundy. I can not WAIT to see how this turns out!

I'm also working on a Pikachu hat for my son. He is turning 3 on Monday and I'm making this special, just for him. I designed the hat on my own and I'm not 100% sure if I'll be posting the pattern, yet.
This isn't the best picture but a bad pic is better than none right? right.

 Other than these items, I'm looking at expanding my shop. Not only for knit and crochet items but opening the "doors" to new horizons. :)

I have a brand new Kangaroo hat that I designed on my own that I WILL be posting very soon. Stay tuned for a whole bunch of new and exciting things.


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